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Adult Education

The core of our Adult Education is to be found in the solid Gospel-based preaching at our Eucharistic celebrations.  During Lent an evening programme, usually interactive, is presented in formats which vary from year to year. At other times Bible studies and discussion groups can be offered, reflecting the changing needs of our parishioners as they face the challenges of life in the 21st century. There are learning opportunities in each of our many parish activities; they are all works in progress.

For more information contact David Hemings. Email: hemings@kingston.net

Confirmation Preparation

Youth participants meet weekly to complete a comprehensive course in preparation for confirmation.

Preparation for adults is more personalized to meet each person’s needs.

Confirmation programs are scheduled according to demant.  Please contact the church office with the name and contact information of the candidate, also indicating this person’s date of birth.

Marriage Preparation

When a couple comes to arrange their wedding services and to make their marital vows, the process begins with a visit with the Rector and continues for as many sessions as are needed. Additionally, couples are required to complete the Diocesan Marriage Course which takes place over a weekend. Many of these courses are given right here at St. Thomas the Apostle and are delivered by diocesan personnel.  Please call the church to receive a copy of the brochure.

Details on the Diocesan Marriage Course are available at http://www.ottawa.anglican.ca/marriage.shtml.

Sunday School

Our Sunday School is using a new curriculum called Spark Rotation.  In this format, we take one Bible story and cover it for a period of 4 weeks or so.  During that time we engage the children in the story through a different modality each week — music, art, science, cooking, computers, Bible skills and games, video, or drama.

This is an exciting way to involve more adult leaders who aren’t usually involved in Sunday School.  Instructors share their talent, knowledge, and skill with our children.  What a way to grow as a community, building up young disciples by caring for them and encouraging their budding faith!

Sunday Nursery

The Sunday Nursery provides a safe and welcoming environment for children from birth to age 3 during the 10:00 a.m. service. Teams of volunteers ensure that two caregivers are available each Sunday. We have monthly scriptural themes, with songs and activities that provide opportunities to talk about God’s love.

For more information, or to volunteer as a caregiver, please contact deborah.mcmullen@gmail.com.

Baptismal Preparation

Although circumstances vary, generally baptismal preparations begin with a visit from the Rector who brings print material and discusses the upcoming baptism with the family. This may be followed by another visit from another parishioner who continues the process of baptismal preparation. A final session at the church takes the form of a rehearsal for the service.  Please call the church to receive a copy of the brochure.

It is a joy to see more young families and to celebrate more baptisms.

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