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Fellowship Hour

Fellowship Hour (also called Coffee Hour) is held every Sunday (except Christmas and Easter)in the Parish Hall after the second church service. Fair trade coffee, tea and juices are served by volunteers; in summertime, we serve lemonade on the lawn, or indoors, depending on the weather. Occasionally, usually when there is a baptism, cake is served too.

This is a time of true fellowship for parishioners, who can chat with each other, and get to know new parishioners. Everyone is welcome, and can stay for a short time or a long time..The volunteers who serve also do the clean-up.

We encourage anyone to help out with Fellowship Hour. We always welcome new volunteers. It is an enjoyable activity and each volunteer only works three Sundays a year for about two hours. Full instructions and training are available. All supplies are provided. Sign up lists and schedules are posted at least 2 months in advance on the bulletin board outside the church office and are set up to suit the volunteer’s free time.

If you want to volunteer or if you have questions or suggestions, call Elizabeth Scobie at 613-731-7782 or Eileen Cherry at 613-731-8989.


Parish Speakers Program

For many years the men of St. Thomas the Apostle Anglican Church, through the Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen (BAC), have organized a Speakers Program for the men of the parish. This successful program is the main activity of their monthly meetings.

However, with the changing demographics of our church membership, attendance at their monthly meetings has declined. This in turn has required changes to their meeting format. Initially, the BAC introduced the “Ladies Night”. This was well received by the ladies of the parish, however, attendance at the remaining BAC meetings continued to drop off.  Consequently, the time came for a major re-think of the Program and proposed changes were introduced to the October 2010 season.  Some of these changes included: opening the program up to all parishioners and interested community members; and changing the focus of the program to current affairs, travel, and changes in our faith perspectives amongst others.
Now after nearly 6 years we will have enjoyed a total of 48 excellent presentations. A sampling of past topics include: 1. Meeting our New Clergy, our incumbent Peter Crosby, and new Assistant Curates, Patrick Stevens, and Nash Smith; 2. Six excellent Remembrance day related topics; 3) Contemporary Science including “Recent Developments in Human Genetics; 4) Travel including trips to Tanzania, Jerusalem, Mexico, Oberammergau, and “Driving the Dempster Highway”; 5. Government initiatives including dealing with the Canadian Underground Economy; 6. Politics with Don Newman, and “My life as a Political Analyst”; 7. Faith, ethics and end of life issues.

Our annual Speakers Program is developed by the Parish Speakers Advisory Committee, which reviews suggested topics and develops a proposed schedule.  Anyone interested in serving on this committee or in being a speaker or wishing to suggest a topic should contact Leroy Fevang at 613-523-4609.

Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen (BAC)

St. Thomas the Apostle has a very active Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen Chapter.  The BAC sponsors the monthly speaker’s dinner, which is open to all in the Parish.  It holds and assists in a number of events throughout the year, such as the Pancake Supper, Parking Lot Sale, Fish Fry and Silent Auction, and the Bazaar.


Anglican Church Women (ACW) Groups

Our ACW shares a lot of friendship and support in our church community. ACW circles raise a great deal of money each year that is used for church operating and mainenance costs, outreach spanning our parish, our community, and good works in the City of Ottawa and elsewhere.


Afternoon Circle

The Afternoon Circle meets on the third Tuesday of the month and work on contributions for the Holly Lane Bazaar. They also provide opportunities for fellowship and friendship in the parish.

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