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Peter Crosby


Archdeacon Peter Crosby has been a Priest of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa for almost
35 years. He has served as an Archdeacon under the past four Bishops and ministered in
parishes along the St. Lawrence Seaway and in Glengarry County, in the Ottawa Valley,
West Quebec, and the City of Ottawa. Fr. Peter is a “son of the Diocese,” having been
Baptized at St. Martin’s and Confirmed at St. Stephen’s, both in the west end of Ottawa. He
is a graduate of McGill University, Montreal, and St. Paul University, Ottawa.  As a territorial
Archdeacon, Fr. Peter assists Bishop John Chapman in the pastoral care of clergy and the
oversight of parishes within the Ottawa Centre Deanery of the Diocese of Ottawa.

Fr. Peter is married to Maria, an early childhood educator, working in rural and urban
Ottawa south. Fr. Peter likes to say that he brought a cat into the marriage and Maria
brought three young adult children and a large dog. Both the cat and the dog have gone to
be with our Creator, and the children are grown up, with children of their own. “Ringo,” their
beloved and boisterous “yellow Lab,” is the third occupant of their Riverside Park home.

Fr. Peter understands his ministry as being to the Church what a GP is to medicine; he is
passionate about general parish ministry. He says, “The world needs the Church to truly be
a house of prayer open to all people. It is in the life of the church community that the world
will see Christ ministering grace and calling us to self-giving service, in and through our
human strengths and failings. We need to do everything we can to help children and new
adult believers to be nurtured and supported in the faith ‘once delivered to the saints.’”

On the subject of the Anglican Church of Canada he says, “I am convinced that if our
Church ceased to exist that someone would have to invent us all over again! There is a
need for a diverse, sacramental, liturgical Church that empowers lay ministry while
respecting the grace of ordination; values the role of women in all its offices and ministries;
is inclusive of members of the Gay and Lesbian communities in both Ordination and
Marriage; honours God in worship and in loving service to all people who bear His image,
especially the poor, the sick, and all who suffer; celebrates faith through the arts; presents a
“thinking faith” as well as a heartfelt one; is not afraid of ecumenical and interfaith dialogue;
and is willing to be challenged by the prophetic voices of our time, especially ecologists,
native people, and our youth … When we have been at our best, we have been a “big tent”
bringing people together. We have a wonderful tradition, but it must be a resource that
enables us today, not a museum, dedicated to the past.”

When asked what he does in his spare time, he answers that he has more interests than
time! An ideal “day off” might include working out at the gym, going on a nature walk,
reading a good book, listening to music (a wide range from Emmylou Harris, Maddy Prior,
Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, to the early music group Anonymous 4 and the
Hilliard Ensemble), catching up on household chores and “fix-ups,” trying to take a decent
photograph, spending time with family and friends…

Fr. Peter has been with us since 2011.

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